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Upload: PHP, SSI, MySQL, FrontPage Extensions.
Scripting: PHP.
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A fairly well fleshed-out list of options here. But that’s just the beginning. If you dig into the menus of HostPapa’s site, you will see even more products on offer.

HostPapa offers some nice email solutions, from simple basic email accounts hosted with them, to full Google G Suite access. Pricing is as follows:

Basic Email: $1.00/month per user
Advanced Email: $2.00/month per user
Office 365: $4.99/month per user
G Suite: $4.99/month per user
Each of these options offers a different level of features. The basic email plan will simply give you a simple functionality with an domain. Moving up to G Suite and you will have full access to all of Google’s incredible and well-established tools (Gmail, Drive, Hangouts, Keep etc).

Before we dive any more deeply into this HostPapa review, I’d like to show you something that caught my eye when browsing the HostPapa site:

Green Web Hosting
HostPapa joins a prestigious club of hosts, which power their server using only renewable energy sources. Together with GreenGeeks and Eco Web Hosting, HostPapa makes sure to do its part in promoting green energy.

However, it’s not like HostPapa has huge windmills or own-branded solar panels. The company uses a system which allows them to use renewable energy without any separate infrastructure. HostPapa purchases what’s known as green energy tags.

A certified green energy supplier then calculates the total energy consumption used in HostPapa’s operations and then uses their suppliers of green energy to pump an 100% equivalent of that power back into the grid.

This is the most common way that ‘green’ suppliers do business, and it’s not something to turn your nose up at. By doing this, HostPapa completely offset the fossil fuels used in their operations and help remove thousands of tonnes of greenhouse gases from the environment.

So that’s some seriously good commitment HostPapa have made to keep the world energy efficient and green!

Thinking about transferring to HostPapa? We’ve made it easier than ever!

Award-winning 24/7/365 support

Support is available via telephone, online chat and email in English, French, Spanish or German.

We have an extensive knowledge base of helpful articles and videos to help you get started.

Need extra help? Book a one-on-one 30-minute training session with one of our PapaSquad experts available by Skype, Google Hangouts or phone.

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