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Interests: Personal, Business.
Free Web Space: 3GB
Upload: FTP, Browser.
Scripting: CGI, PHP, Perl.
Your URL: Top-level domain name, or Subdomain.

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Dinahosting is a one stop shop for most things hosting. With a wide array of services, this provider offers plans for both Internet beginners, big experienced corporations and everyone in between. This kind of a solution means that an emerging web specialist may go from a regular website user to a big business owner without once leaving the company. This kind of an infrastructure helps Dinahosting to retain a big and loyal customer base.

Social Responsibility

As a corporation, Dinahosting is trying to be as responsible as possible. Efficient usage of energy means that the host’s servers affect the planet as little as it is possible. Dinahosting also hires some people with disabilities and attempt to integrate them into the job market. It is also worth noticing that the host has given out nearly 1,000 loans on Kiva – a platform that helps to fund the works of low-income entrepreneurs. With all those things combined, you know that by choosing Dinahosting, you choose a socially responsible company.

24/7 Support

It is common for the world’s biggest providers to have a 24/7 customer support line, so they can help their clients all over the world. Despite working mostly for Spain, Dinahosting has a chat and phone service and they both for the entire day. If there are any problems with your website, you may get them solved easily.

The evaluation of every hosting provider, Dinahosting as well, begins with an evaluation of the plans available. The biggest talking point here is the amount of space provided. 3GB in a ‘Basic’ plan may be justified as many websites take up even less. However, a ‘Professional’ plan should have more than 6GB available. For example, SiteGround has 3 plans which offer 10, 20 and 30GB of space respectively. In my earlier review, I blasted them because I thought that was too little. Clearly, their offer is way superior to the one of Dinahosting.

You can upgrade your ‘Professional’ plan to have 20GB of space. Just be wary that financially, it’s anything but a smart decision:

It’s pretty obvious that this shouldn’t be acceptable in any year that starts with “2”. 3-6 GB of storage is enough for most websites. However, effectively punishing your own users for exceeding that limit is an example of bad management.

Aside from the obvious storage space flaw, Dinahosting offers fairly regular packages. With some security protection, a website builder, a handful of auto-installer scripts and free backups, you get a decent option. Later, we will test how it performs.

There any multiple lengths of packages you can pick. To begin with, you can have a 15-day trial that is free and by the end of the period, you won’t get charged. Then, you may choose from plans ranging from 1-3 months to 10 years.

It is typical to see, that the promoted discount prices are only valid when paying for a long in advance. You will pay more when picking a shorter plan and less when choosing a longer one. For example: ‘Professional’ plan is €9.90 per month when purchasing hosting for 1 year. However, it is €5 a month when you buy for 10 years. That is even cheaper than the promotional price on the host’s homepage.

When the package runs out, you will have to pay monthly renewal fees. That means you will be charged every month instead of paying for the entire period in advance. These fees are bigger than the introductory prices: you will have to pay €5.45 and €11.98 for ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ plans respectively.

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