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Site: www.dreamhost.com
Interests: Personal, Business.
Free Web Space: Unlimited
Upload: PHP, SSI, MySQL, FrontPage Extensions.
Scripting: PHP.
Your URL: Top-level domain name, or Subdomain.

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DreamHost offers nearly every main hosting service available. Some of you may have spotted the lack of Reseller plans. In fact, DreamHost allows you to resell. It simply provides no separate plan for that. Also, in terms of domain names, DreamHost appears to take matters into its own hands. This host is a part of the ICANN Accreditation list and does not rely on other companies in order to get the domains it sells.

We help people own their digital presence.
It’s not just wishful thinking. It’s our noble cause — an idea that drives everything we do.

When you put your dreams online—your words, your photos, your creations—you shouldn’t have to worry about your service provider mining that data for marketing purposes. Those are your dreams — not ours! DreamHost’s open platform gives you the power to share your data and the freedom to control how it’s used.

Unmetered disk space and bandwidth are always good – and DreamHost provides a rather simple-to-understand guide to tell exactly what it means.

Every plan includes an SSL certificate – although it’s a Let’s Encrypt one which is already free of charge. Some may see this as a letdown but such a thing is admirable: security is important and making sure your clients are secure is respectable.

The customer support doesn’t only not have a phone line. It is also not 24/7, with Twitter and live chat being available only 16 hours a day. Considering that many other competitors have live chat available all around the clock, this can be considered a shortcoming.

The malware protection is very simple to install as it’s only a couple clicks away in your dashboard. However, it is paid and costs $3 a month. This is less than most of the other competitors but considering the price, it could be included.

Everything is pretty straightforward. Previously in this DreamHost review, I mentioned how transparent the pricing is – no increases, no tricks,

Since then, a little bit has changed, but not much. Now, you get one price, should you decide to pay monthly, another if you choose a yearly option.

The renewal fees are very simple. After your package runs out, you will be charged the same amount of money for the same period again.

DreamHost Customer Service
Customer support is very important and there is no other way around it. A good client service will help you solve your problems, give you extra knowledge and make your day just a little bit better. It is important to know whether DreamHost fits all of those brackets. This is what this part of the review is going to be.

Right on its website, we can see that DreamHost provides “24/7” support. Also, you can find the channels the host is working on. Here’s what they are:

Live Chat
Ticket/Email Support
In terms of transparency, it also has to be said that DreamHost includes social media support and does callbacks. However, the social media support mostly just directs you to their email and callbacks have to be paid for – $9.95 per one or $14.95 per month with three callbacks available.

Therefore, we will only do in-depth testing of live chat and ticket/email support. These are the two free and easily accessible forms of customer service.

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