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About MyDomain

MyDomain Services
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As their name states, they have quite the reputation for their Domain name services. You will be able to get a domain name directly from them, paying a fee of $9.99 each year.

With this package, they will let you manage all your domains from just a single account. Moreover, you will also get free DNS Management services and control over forwarding email from one account to another.

Additionally, you will also be able to forward your domain name to any website. You can create any amount of subdomains and will get free Transfer Lock Domain protection to protect all your domains.

So, I guess as a domain name provider they seem like a pretty good catch. However, for hosting they only have two options and don’t include any dedicated server or Reseller options. This is somewhat disappointing, but I’m hoping for a good output from their shared plans.

What is MyDomain?
MyDomain started way back in 1998, and at first, they were only a domain registrar. However, after gaining popularity, they wanted to expand their services. That’s why now they offer hosting services along with it.

They take pride in their robust DNS servers and reliable infrastructure. I’m highly interested in knowing how much of a strong provider can they really be? Can they beat the traditional hosting providers on the market?

Let’s find it out together in this MyDomain review.

Pricing & Plans
MyDomain has both Linux and Windows based hosting options. So, you can choose the one that goes with your need.

For Linux

Basic: This plan will cost you $3.75/mo. It will come with unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth. However, you will only be able to host one domain here.
Deluxe: It allows unlimited domains. The plan will cost you $6.75/mo. The storage and bandwidth are same as the Basic plan.
Ultra: The bandwidth and storage specification is similar to the Deluxe plan. However, this plan starts at $13.75/mo.
For Windows

Basic: For windows, this plan will start at $4.75/mo. It offers unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth.
Deluxe: You will have to pay $7.75/Month for this plan. The features are similar to the Deluxe plan of the Linux hosting.
Ultra: This plan starts at $14.75/mo. Needless to say, it offers the same features as the Linux Ultra plan.

A Detailed Analysis of the Plans
I’ve told you all about the pricing of these two hosting solutions. But what about the technical details? To help you out I’ve gathered everything you might need to make the right decision in this MyDomain review. Why don’t you take a look?

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